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Academy 2.0: Fly Higher, See Broader, Dream Bigger!


Background & Our Mission

A major challenge that most research institutions have faced is the dissemination of knowledge generated by them. Besides websites, journals, and conferences, it seems there exist few channels today for researchers to share their findings and visions with the public.

Academy 2.0 is trying to achieve the goal of building a knowledge society by providing an additional channel that researchers and experts, in all areas of knowledge, can share their knowledge concisely in layman's terms and in a pleasant form. ​


What We Do

Wondering where to explore your interests and future aspirations? Here, on the Academy 2.0 YouTube channel, we interview distinguished professors and researchers from various expertise, giving you a glimpse into their vision and accomplishments!

At Academy 2.0, you will broaden your vision in STEM by hearing from distinguished professors and researchers from various expertise, allowing you to explore and get one step ahead in making your future career choices. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel!

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